Translation helps businesses and individuals articulate their message across language barriers. Results in Translation offers its expertise and experience in translation and other linguistic services to businesses and individuals all over the world.




French to English Translation or English French Translation for Businesses:

  • Website translation
  • Social Media translation
  • Marketing materials translation
  • Human resources documents
  • Business plan translation
  • Contracts


French to English Translation or English to French Translation for Individuals:

  • Resume translation / CV translation
  • Cover letter translation
  • Application translation (driver’s licence, immigration, marriage)
  • Blog translation
  • Social Media translation
  • Essays



Results in Translation specializes in French to English translation and English to French translation of websites. With more than six years of professional experience, Results in Translation has been providing small and large businesses with quality translations for their web content and helping them reach more customers and clients.

With a focus on SEO/SEM, Results in Translation is committed to making sure your message gets translated naturally and accurately, while reaching more of your target market with the message that reflects you and your business.

Check out the Services page to learn more about all linguistic services offered or the Contact page to obtain a free quote.


The Benefits of Translating Your Website

Whether your online content is in French or English, translating your website allows your business to reach a broader customer base, gain customer loyalty and provide customers or clients with the comfort and confidence of shopping for your goods and services in their preferred language.

Furthermore, it is becoming impossible for businesses to ignore the powerful marketing tool that is social media. Spreading news about a product launch or grand opening, updates about upcoming promotions and creating brand awareness are just some of the indispensable ways to market your business on social media. Don’t let these efforts fall short. Translate social media content and make it more accessible to everyone.


The Advantages of Results in Translation

With Results in Translation, you can count on attentive and thorough work by an feedback_engindependent translator. Large translation agencies relegate your work to freelance translators from all around the world. In almost all cases, you’re never in direct contact with your translator, meaning your requests and instructions often get lost through the long chain of communication within the agency.

Results in Translation ensures excellent direct communication with the translator throughout the entire process. The translator is there at all times to listen to your suggestions and needs, and will work in close collaboration to ensure your content is crafted in accordance with your highest expectations.


Check out the Services page to learn more about all linguistic services offered or the Contact page to obtain a free quote.