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I’m the translator behind Results in Translation. I’m a bilingual French to English translator with over six years of professional experience in the language industry. I specialize in marketing materials, web content and contracts.

My native language is English, so I translate primarily from French to English. I have a few trusted colleagues whose native language is French to lend their services for any French target language projects. I’m from Canada, an officially bilingual and very multicultural country, so I have always been exposed to the importance of communication in different languages. I have been studying French since I was very young, I grew up in close proximity to francophone communities, and I had the amazing opportunity to live and study in France. It is through these real experiences and studies that I have gained knowledge about the linguistic and cultural differences between different regions.

Translating is not the only thing I do with my time. I like to play and collect guitars, play and watch a little hockey from time to time, and travel to new and exciting places at every opportunity.

If you have any questions about me or my services or would like to obtain a copy of my resume/CV, see proof of qualifications or references or check out samples of my work, please do not hesitate to contact me at

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